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Jess Smith

Jess Smith says, 'Berrytime at Blair, Rattray and the Glens was for me, a Scottish Traveller lass, inspirational. Memories have flooded through my pen of campfire gatherings with locals and visitors sharing songs and tales.

Jess Smith

Jess Smith

It gives me great pleasure to 'come home' to share my stories of living in a bus, of happy summers with parents and seven sisters. I only ever meant to write one book - Jessie's Journey - but such were the memories and wonderful tales that I've penned another five!'

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Reading List:

'Jessie's Journey'

'Tales from the Tent'

'Tears for a Tinker'

'Bruar's Rest'

'Sookin' Berries'

'Way of the Wanderers'


All excellent speakers. Enjoyed all.

Attendee (Main Festival)

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