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Joan Lennon

Joan Lennon was born in Canada but now lives in the Kingdom of Fife. The Kingdom is said to be shaped like the head of a dog - if this is true, her flat is somewhere on the tip of the ear, which explains a lot.  She has four tall sons and one short cat and plans to go on writing forever.

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Joan Lennon

Joan Lennon

Reading List:

Tales from the Turrets (Catnip Books) 5-9 year old

The Slightly Jones Mysteries (Catnip Books) 8-12 year old

  • The Case of the London Dragon Fish
  • The Case of the Glasgow Ghoul
  • The Case of the Cambridge Mummy
  • The Case of the Hidden City

The Wickit Chronicles (Anderson Press) 8-12 year old

  • Ely Plot
  • Fen Gold
  • Ice Road
  • Witch Bell


It was great fun and beautifully organised. A wonderful community venue, great flowers, fantastic sound and light and I love the army of red t-shirts - I think I’ll be taking a few ideas back to Bloody Scotland with me. Please ask me back and thank you for asking me to Chair Ron

Lin Anderson

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