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Angela Jeffs

Angela Jeffs is an established editor, book packager, journalist, author and writing guide who recently returned to the UK after 26 years in Japan.

Angela Jeffs

Angela Jeffs

Freelance since 1973, she worked in London publishing before heading east where she reinvented herself as a columnist, feature writer and author. Her latest book, Chasing Shooting Stars, was independently published in January 2013. Her latest title, Household Stories/Katei Monogatari, will be available this autumn.

The programme of therapeutic writing she developed in Japan, Drawing on The Writer Within, is establishing itself in Perthshire, where she is now based.


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A great time was had by all. We also enjoyed The Blairgowrie Players’ version of Whisky Galore at the Town Hall yesterday. Well done to all and the afternoon tea was delicious.

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