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B.R. Crichton

B.R. Crichton was born in Zimbabwe, and moved to Scotland in 1992.

B.R. Crichton

B.R. Crichton

He settled in Rattray in 2005 where he completed his longterm project fantasy novel, The Rage Within, and published it independently in June 2013. To follow on from the success of his début novel, B.R. Crichton is currently working on the first instalment of a three book series entitled, Arise the Darkness, to be published in late 2014.

He is an advocate for the freedom offered to authors by the eBook formats and modern Print-On-Demand services.


I greatly appreciated the superb organisation and was amazed at the level of enthusiasm for the Festival considering the relatively small size of the community.  It was well worth it for me to come up to Perthshire and I was only sorry I couldn‘t stay around for the main events the next day.

Rachel Crowther

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