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Martin Bell

After serving in the ranks of the Suffolk Regiment Martin Bell went on to become one of the BBC's best-known war reporters. He covered conflicts from Vietnam to the Middle East to Bosnia, where he was wounded. He left journalism for politics in 1997 when he defeated Neil Hamilton to become the first elected independent MP for 50 years.

Martin Bell

Martin Bell

He is now an Ambassador for UNICEF and an author. He has written seven books, including a book of poetry. He was awarded the OBE in 1993. He had a chrysanthemum named after him at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2014.


I really enjoyed the event on Friday, and I am glad the audience did too.  It‘s been an absolute pleasure. It went really well, with a very warm audience - laughter from the start put me immediately at ease.

Off to Canada in the morning with Mark Billingham. Hope they‘re as appreciative as in Blairgowrie.

Chris Brookmyre

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