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Mike Nicholson

Mike Nicholson - 2017

Mike Nicholson - 2017

Mike Nicholson is an Edinburgh-based children’s author whose love of Tintin, Dr.Who and Scooby Doo instilled in him a thirst for mystery and adventure. His latest books are the ‘Museum Mystery Squad’ series, a set of cases to solve about strange happenings with mammoths, mummies and other museum exhibits. He has also written two mystery adventure novels, ‘Grimm’ and ‘Catscape’ which won the Kelpies Prize, while his Thistle Trilogy of picture books (Thistle Street, Thistle Sands and Thistle Games) introduce young children to Scots words through fun stories and rhyme.

“I love playing around with words; the creative process gives me a buzz. Stories which engross me have secrets and twists, characters being tested, and descriptions you can taste - they should also make me smile. Ideally my own stories include these elements. I’m based in Edinburgh, a place I love for its nooks and crannies, its parks and coastline, its grand old buildings and its bike paths. Sometimes it’s these places which inspire the stories I write.”

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Nothing could have been better at all with the event day and my stay in Blairgowrie. Everyone I met was kind and thoughtful, including the audience.

Janice Galloway (author)

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