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Mungo Campbell

Mungo Campbell is Deputy Director of The Hunterian at the University of Glasgow.

Before moving to Glasgow in 1997 he worked at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and in the Print Room at the National Gallery of Scotland.

Mungo Campbell will introduce poets who will read from their new anthology, 'The  Hunterian Museum Poems', with poetry from a number of top Scottish poets. 

Mungo Campbell

Mungo Campbell

This is a showcase of poems enquiring into and representing objects both natural and humanly-made, from bird's nests to Lord Kelvin's artificial pitch glacier, from deep sea coral to an Egyptian mummy, from the world's smallest dinosaur footprint to Roman and Celtic remains from the Antonine Wall. If you enjoyed Neil MacGregor's 'History of the World in 100 Objects', try this 'History of the World in Objects and Poems from The Hunterian Collection at the University of Glasgow'.



Bookmark is a great festival and I hope it goes from strength to strength.

Martin Bell (author)

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