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Gerda Stevenson

Gerda is an award-winning actor, theatre director, author and singer-songwriter. Her collection of poems 'If This were Real' was reviewed in the Sunday Herald as “the best of the new in contemporary Scottish poetry – not to be missed”.

Her second collection 'Quines' – poems in tribute to women of Scotland, is described by Lesley Riddoch as “a vivid explosion of thought and bold opinion – a wonderful, life-affirming book”.

Gerda Stevenson

Gerda Stevenson

Poet Gerda Stevenson, along with Stewart Conn, will be talking about and reading from Muriel Spark’s poetry.  Spark always described herself as a poet (the word Poet in Italian is inscribed on her tombstone in Tuscany) and this talk highlights the importance of poetry to her fiction.  Those who heard Gerda earlier this year at our BOOKMARK Poetry event know that this will be both entertaining and illuminating.

BOOKMARK would like to thank the Muriel Spark Society for their sponsorship of this event.


I really enjoyed the event on Friday, and I am glad the audience did too.  It‘s been an absolute pleasure. It went really well, with a very warm audience - laughter from the start put me immediately at ease.

Off to Canada in the morning with Mark Billingham. Hope they‘re as appreciative as in Blairgowrie.

Chris Brookmyre

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