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Not Just Any Ordinary Garden Party

29th Jul 2014

Say the words "Garden Party" and a picture arises in your mind of sunshine, soft breezes, the gentle clink of teacups and the murmur of bees, wafting across the grass ... 

Writer-in-Residence Joan Lennon as waitress for the day

Writer-in-Residence Joan Lennon as waitress for the day

Of course, that's just the ordinary kind of Garden Party.  For the BOOKMARK Garden Party, on Sunday 27th July, it rained.  Well, when I say it rained, what I mean was, it poured.  We're talking Perthshire monsoon here, with thunder and everything.  But, undeterred, the Team put Plan B into effect.  We turned the Findlay's home into a country teashop with tables in several rooms, a book stall and an array of cakes and candy for sale, all decorated with bunting and book flowers by Louise Gow.

It was lovely to welcome Fiona Armstrong, BOOKMARK's patron, to the festivities.

The raffle miraculously produced winning tickets for birthday boys Daniel Duncan and Liam Bowe. 

There wasn't a Best Hat competition, but if there had been, Lady Hilary would have been a clear winner.

There was tea and coffee and glasses of bubbly and cakes ... ah, the cakes ...

And all the while, Team BOOKMARK served the teas, sold the baked goods, worked wonders in the kitchen and generally made sure everyone had a lovely time - which we did! - and in the process, the excellent sum of £625. was raised for the BOOKMARK Festival. 

And the rain? 

What rain? 


Bookmark is a great festival and I hope it goes from strength to strength.

Martin Bell (author)

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