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Bruce Parry Meets William Dalrymple in Enochdhu

26th Aug 2014

Next stop on the itinerary of travel writer Patrick Richardson is – Enochdhu! For this Fringe Bookmark event, Patrick will be talking about his life and travels at Straloch Garden Studio, Enochdhu, on Saturday 13th September at 3 pm.

Travel writer Patrick Richardson

Travel writer Patrick Richardson

For more than four decades Patrick, who combines the derring-do of a Bruce Parry with the literary skills of a William Dalrymple, has been a regular contributor to the quality broadsheets, reporting on his travels in exotic locations, many of them still untouched by even the most enterprising of the adventure travel companies. His first book, Reports from Beyond, gathers together those experiences, allowing the reader to encounter a diversity of people and places they would be unlikely to visit other than via a television documentary.

Patrick’s interest in indigenous peoples has led to him spending time with the Bedouin of the Yemen; the Uyghurs of China; the Tadjiks of Pakistan; the Tibetans of Ladakh, in India, and western Tibet; the Kazakhs of western Mongolia; and various islander groups in the South Pacific. His three passions –  for boats, mountains and deserts – have taken him along rivers such as the Congo and Yangtze, up the Andes and the Himalayas, and through the  Atacama and the Rub’al Khali, to name but a few.

His latest book, In Search of Landfall, is a memoir and, as such, has an even broader scope. Loosely structured on Homer’s Odyssey, In Search of Landfall is about his own search for answers to some of the most important questions we are all faced with: who are we, what are we doing here, and where are we going?

It is also a fascinating portrait of two very different worlds: the author’s childhood in 1950s Edinburgh and his time there at university as a radical student in the late 1960s, and his life in the exhilarating counterculture of Amsterdam during the 1970s and 1980s. As he travels through life and the remotest parts of the globe, he describes both his inner and outer journeys and the extraordinary characters he encounters along the way, including Norman McCaig, Indira Gandhi, Robin Cook, Rudi Dutschke and Jorge Luis Borges.

More information about both of those books and about Patrick’s life can be found on his website. Tickets, which cost £6, can be purchased online here or from Petrina Menzies, Kirkmichael Session House or 'Louise' Allan Street, Blairgowrie

As for September 13th in Straloch, an afternoon with never a dull moment is guaranteed. 


A great time was had by all. We also enjoyed The Blairgowrie Players’ version of Whisky Galore at the Town Hall yesterday. Well done to all and the afternoon tea was delicious.

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