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25th Oct 2014

...'a wonderful celebratory gathering of poets....a perfect way to close the festival'....This is how Joan Lennon described the final event of BOOKMARK 2014. 

Our writer-in-residence was delighted to introduce, and share the floor with, several poets - the youngest of whom was only 9 years old! Paul Damodaran, [age 9, October 2014], had written the following poem:


Running under the moonlight

The scent of their prey on the wind 

When the night is at its height

Together the pack will bring their quarry down and feast 

Their teeth sinking into moose flesh

Nature's way, the call of the wild.


Hiding during every sunlit day,

Persecuted by mankind, predator has become prey

Hunted down out of misplaced fear

And a selfish greed for furs

The lone wolf is running scared,

This is not Nature's way, to stifle the call of the wild. 


 It has been a wonderful festival and we are all delighted that it went so well. We have many images of the varied programme of events to share with you in the near future on this website. Watch this space!


Many congratulations - Bookmark was a tour de force!

 The Muriel Spark day was brilliant and wonderful to close on the poetry with Gerda and Stewart

Deborah Bennett, Lyon & Turnbull, sponsors of Celebrating 100 Years of Muriel Spark

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