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Lari Don wows schoolchildren with tales of magical derring-do

19th Jun 2013

Excitement was running high this afternoon as some eighty children from Rattray and Kirkmichael Primary Schools gathered round author Lari Don for a workshop based on her First Aid for Fairies series. 
Lari Don with Headteacher Brenda Kerr and Liz Mason at Rattray Primary School

Lari Don with Headteacher Brenda Kerr and Liz Mason at Rattray Primary School

After a brief discussion of the theme of the books, Lari read the first part of Maze Running, the fourth and final book of the series. Stopping at the point where her characters had fallen into a trap, Lari then brought the children themselves on board, inviting them to suggest how the action might be continued and escape achieved - an invitation to which they responded with thirty minutes of creative brain-storming. Lari explained that this was the process which she used herself when she came to a 'cliffhanger' moment in her writing, generating lots of ideas before choosing the one that seemed best. 

Lari then spoke of her love of the Norse myths and legends which inspire many of her own stories. She rounded off the event by recounting the tale of Baldur, son of Odin, which had all the children spellbound.

By the end of the afternoon those present had not only been royally entertained, they had also learned much about the art of story-telling.

A fantastic run-up for the official launch of BOOKMARK tomorrow.  


Another triumph for you all. Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to the team. Hope you are all having a well-deserved rest now. A super location and a great atmosphere there.

Fiona Armstrong

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