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Author News - Andrew Greig

8th Sep 2013

With the Festival now only a month away, fans might like a little more inside information about some of the writers who will be speaking at it. We're starting today with Andrew Greig, who is doubly pleased to be joining us as Blairgowrie is one of his favourite parts of Scotland. 
Andrew's latest novel, Fair Helen, is set in the late 16th century and is an adaptation of the legendary tale of the doomed lovers, Helen Irving and Adam Fleming, a story made famous by Walter Scott in his ballad Fair Helen of Kirkconell. In Fair Helen Andrew builds on the outline passed down by Scott, developing it into a powerful narrative of political and social life in the Borders around the time of the Union of the Crowns. Here is what fellow writer Allan Massie says about it in The Scotsman
Andrew will also be talking about Found at Sea, a book-length meditative poem inspired by a six-week journey in the seas around Orkney. In it he expresses feelings about sailing, male friendship and the voyage itself. As a taster, here is one of the poems from Found at Sea, an intriguing story of two women who took up residence on the uninhabited island of Cava and remained there for thirty years. One longs to know more! Let's hope this is one of the tales Andrew has in store for. 
Andrew's event will be chaired by Liz Lochhead whom Andrew describes as 'national treasure and old friend'. As such, an intimate and informative session is guaranteed.  


Great fun this morning @bookmarkblair keeping that naughty @StuartMacBride under control. Go read his new book. Go on. Go on.

Russel D McLean

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