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Kyla's Cartoon Capers

15th Sep 2013

Cartoon-loving children will have two reasons for celebrating in mid-October: firstly, they'll be on holiday and secondly, they'll have the chance to create a cartoon book of their very own under the expert guidance of animator Kyla Thomlinson. 
The Loch Ness Kelpie

The Loch Ness Kelpie

Kyla will be coming over from Dublin, where she is currently working on a Disney production, to run two BOOKMARK workshops, one in Blairgowrie, the other in Bridge of Cally. Some of Kyla's projects which children may already be familiar with include Tilly and Friends for CBeebies, The Loch Ness Kelpie (watch it here), and Randy Cunningham, Ninth Grade Ninja

What Kyla finds most exciting about animation is the possibility of bringing drawings to life. Ever since she was a child she has been fascinated by the way in which artists are able to endow cartoon characters with believable personalities and behaviours, and with such realism that they can truly seem alive.  Kyla's workshop, Words in Motion, is designed to introduce some of the techniques involved to children of 6+, and also to infect them with her own enthusiasm for the craft. She believes that children have within themselves a fount of innovative ideas and that animation is an ideal means of exploring this creative potential. 

The workshop will begin by examining facial expressions associated with words such as HAPPY, SAD, GRUMPY, SILLY, CONFIDENT, VAIN and so on. Working both in groups and individually the children will act out various poses before sketching them. They will then put together an animation of their own, with each child completing a 12-drawing flipbook which will be theirs to take home. 

 Kyla has lots of experience of working with children, having taught in schools for several years. She has also participated in the International Summer School of Scotland in St Andrews as Module Leader and Head of Art. 

Her guilty pleasure? Mashed tatties.  


Absolute pleasure to work with @bookmarkblair today. Fabulous festival, amazing line up, dedicated volunteers & going from strength to strength.

Alison Powrie

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