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Itchy Coo - Braw Books for Bairns o Aw Ages

18th Sep 2013

Any Scottish child who loves The Gruffalo (are there any who don't?) is going to love The Gruffalo in Scots even more. So come along and listen to it at BOOKMARK'S Bairns' Books event, read with full Gruffalo gusto by writer James Robertson. 
The Gruffalo in Scots

The Gruffalo in Scots

The Gruffalo in Scots is just one of the books published by Itchy Coo, an imprint set up in 2002 by James Robertson and Matthew Fitt to promote the Scots language by publishing books written in, or translated into, Scots. To date they have sold almost a quarter of a million books. 

Itchy Coo caters for readers of all ages with a range of intriguing and comical titles: The Eejits, a Scots version of Roald Dahl's The Twits; The Hoose O Haivers, a retelling of tales from Ovid's Metamorphoses; King O the Midden, an anthology of poetry for children featuring such delights as Oxters, the Fat Wifies' Knickers, the Bahookie Dug and the Parrot in the Breid Bin; Precious and the Puggies, a tale of the young Precious Ramotswe (published in Scots ahead of the English version); and many others. To find out more, check out the Itchy Coo facebook page. 

As well as The Gruffalo, James will also be reading from Itchy Coo's Katie series, designed specifically for babies and young children. What better way to kindle in kids a love of books?


Excellent programme, good bookshop and superlative organisation.

Attendee (Main Festival)

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