Allan Wright

Allan Wright

Continuing our journey today through Scotland, this event takes us on a photographic and poetic trip through Edinburgh, Scotland’s beautiful capital city, captured in this acclaimed book. 

Allan Wright, photographer, has ‘a passion for nature, documentary and cityscapes’ and this talk, full of his photographs, will be beautifully matched by the poetry of writer, singer, actor, director Gerda Stevenson, well known to BOOKMARK audiences, and a terrific performer of her work.”

A stunning tribute to that magnificent old hypocrite, the city of Edinburgh. The combination of Allan Wright’s gorgeous photography and Gerda Stevenson’s introduction and searing poetry hints that the time may be near when Scotland’s capital of easy virtue will become an honest and independent woman again.’ RICHARD HOLLOWAY.
‘Fabulous, intimate portrait of Edinburgh in new book with poems by Gerda Stevenson of Quines fame, matching images by photographer Allan Wright. Not the tourist’s view, nor an uncritical, gushing tribute. Perceptive, spirited and loving.’ LESLEY RIDDOCH.
'Stunning portrait of Edinburgh. The book is brilliant. Buy it.’ THE NATIONAL.)

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