Neil McIntyre and Kevin Morgans - BOOKMARK 2022

Saturday 8 October 2022

Main information

Saturday 8 October 2022
1 pm
Blairgowrie Community Campus PH10 6UZ
Neil McIntyre
Kevin Morgans

Chasing the Deer:

The red deer, majestic monarch of the glen, is Britain's largest land mammal and undisputed king of woodlands and glens. Common across the Scottish Highlands and resident elsewhere, the animal is emblematic of our wild country and a beloved icon.

Puffins: Life on the Atlantic Edge

Puffins: as one of the most recognisable and loved seabirds on our planet, Puffins: Life on the Atlantic Edge will showcase the lives of the Atlantic puffins, from their unmistakable appearance to their quirky personalities.

With thanks to Publishing Scotland, for sponsoring this event

Tickets are available from

Rhona Christie - 01250 875613 -
 Blairgowrie Library - 01250 871305
 Adventure into Books - 01250 872852

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