Procaffeinate – Born from the dreams of a renowned coffee-loving procrastinator, Procaffeinate  – Mobile Tea, Coffee and Cake Bar brings you great barista coffee, speciality tea and homemade, handmade cake – from their super smart Mercedes Sprinter van. To find out more please visit
https://www.teacoffeeandcake.com/ for more information

All Claire’s coffee beans are hand roasted by the team at The Bean Shop in Perth and she will be there to supply your individual hand made coffee and cake needs at the Festival weekend.

Spotted Pig Company – Incorporating Hazlieburn Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs – “we wish to share with everyone the wonderful taste of fantastic pork. Reared outside on lush grass and woodland, our pigs are cared for to the highest standard and have a full and happy life. We believe that gives them the most amazing taste. With this in mind, we can provide a fantastic hog roast and full catering service.” Hog roast will be available on Saturday 5 October.


Wood Fire Pizza Company – “The perfect way to cap off your big day!! A Wild Fire Pizza hot buffet of deliciousness!!”  John is passionate about good food and will only confirm his menu the day before he comes to capitalise on fresh, seasonal ingredients. The Pizza Company will also be at the Campus on Saturday.

Simply Flo – Flo was raised by a Lebanese family and learnt how to cook from her beloved mother who instilled in her, at an early age, to always ‘Cook with Love’. Flo will be tempting us with a selection of her hand made Lebanese MEZZA, eg, hummous, tabbouleh, moussaka. Flo will be at the Campus on Sunday 6 October.


BOOKMARK was delighted to be in Alyth on Saturday 31st August with a very special event of art, poetry, memoir and biography – all wrapped up in one book Inside and Out: the art of Christian Small. Written, presented and devised by a BOOKMARK favourite, the acclaimed actor, writer and director Gerda Stevenson and Christian Small’s daughter Jenny Alldridge, the large audience were captivated by the story of the talented Christian Small. Born and raised in Dundee, holidaying for years in Glenshee, she brought up her own family in West Linton where her talents as an artist were known only to a few people. After her death a few years ago, her family were astonished to discover the breadth and depth of her paintings that had been hidden from public view. Gerda and Jenny’s beautiful book goes a long way to let us all recognise this extraordinary artist. Inside and Out: the art of Christian Small, ed Gerda Stevenson, Lyne Press.

BOOKMARK is going GREEN! BOOKMARK is working along side The Heat Project, in Blairgowrie, to encourage as many of us as possible to cut down on ‘one trip’ plastic and card waste. We are asking our food suppliers to bring recyclable plates, cutlery, etc. There will be no bottled water for sale at the Festival but there are water fountains within the Campus where reusable water bottles may be filled, and, if you have your own re-usable coffee cups, please bring them along and our baristas will happily fill them! Recycle bins will be available for use at the Campus.


Team BOOKMARK would like to thank Shaun Bythell and everyone who came to St Catharine’s Community Centre on Saturday 20 July to celebrate the Launch of BOOKMARK 2019.  What a great afternoon! Shaun was very entertaining with the most amazing and humorous stories of his life as the owner of Wigtown Book Shop.   BOOKMARK Chair, Gail Wylie informed the audience of  the great array of  authors coming to BOOKMARK 2019 in October and afternoon tea was served whilst Shaun very kindly signed a great number of his books.  Team BOOKMARK sold many Early Bird tickets at the event and, remind you, Early Bird Tickets are still available until 27 of this month.  


In case there is any doubt as to who is actually appearing at BOOKMARK in October, Deep Bark is delighted at last to reveal the terrific line-up of names.

Friday 4 October 
Ali Smith in conversation with Nicola Sturgeon
Sarah Maine in conversation with Magnus Linklater

Saturday 5 October
Dean Nelson and Ken Cox
Hania Allen with Graham Williamson
Kathleen Jamie with John Glenday
The Hunterian Poets: Alan Riach, Christine de Luca, Bashabi Fraser, John Glenday, Donny O’Rourke and John Purser
Louis de Bernières and Gail Wylie

Sunday 6 October 
Gordon Kerr with Gail Wylie
Clare Hunter and Esther Rutter with Fiona Armstrong
Melanie Reid with Sally McNair
Freeland Barbour accompanied by Gerda Stevenson

Tickets on sale (with early bird discounts) from 20 July

Unidentified sources, known only by their pseudonyms ‘Pip’ and ‘Fi’, have publicly given hints as to who is coming in October…
Opening the Festival on Friday 4 October, this author is often described as ’Scotland’s greatest living writer’. She has just published the third eagerly awaited part of her ’Seasons’ quartet’.
Pip and Fi, despite being tagged and under 24 hour surveillance, will be issuing further bulletins until official confirmation (and ticket sales) on Saturday July 20th.

Another unauthorised disclosure from our sources (who strenuously deny being the source of the leak):
Also on the evening of Friday 4 October. One of BOOKMARK’s distinguished Patrons will be in conversation with the winner of 2018’s Waterstones Scottish Book of the Year.
(BOOKMARK states that there is a formal process for dealing with alleged breaches. However, it is proving difficult to implement and more leaks will follow.)  

More undercover information from BOOKiLeaks!! 
In their line of duty, our UCOs have issued the following leak:
To open the exciting Saturday BOOKMARK Book Festival programme, a former correspondent for The Sunday Times in South East Asia is giving an amusing and entertaining talk about ‘The Indian Art of Problem Solving’ with one of our Patrons. Nothing to do with mathematics, but everything to do with how to solve everyday problems like – how do you install air conditioning but can’t afford the units?
(Our UCOs would like to assure everyone they are not members of OCGs.)!!
Keep following our intrepid due and see if you can master the clues!

Our intrepid duo has been watching too many American crime dramas.  They now wish to be known as BOOKMARK’s CIs and not UCOs. 
(For those unfamiliar with the acronyms, CI = Confidential Informer (American and therefore more exotic and more to their liking) and UCO = Undercover Officer (British).
So – the leak from our CIs this week is that a local Crime Novelist is coming to BOOKMARK on Saturday 5 October.  Her highly acclaimed first novel which was about a detective in Dundee with Polish origins is soon to have a sequel and that is what she’ll be talking about with an ex-English teacher and lecturer (also from Scotland’s sunniest city).

And the leaks continue…

On the afternoon of Saturday 5 October everyone at BOOKMARK is in for a real treat.
First of all, we will be in ‘the bonniest companie’ of two leading Scottish poets who discuss  the new collection and nature writing of one of them, who lives in Fife.  They are followed by a group of poets who have written about the objects and paintings of the Hunterian Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. 
Our CIs, Pip and Fi, are getting very excited about their next leak…watch this space…

(In honour of their favourite CI, famous for his Watergate revelations and known only as ‘Deep Throat’, Pip and Fi now want to be known collectively as ‘Deep Bark’)!
They are so excited about our closing event on Saturday which brings an internationally known writer to Blairgowrie.
Famous for a certain Italian soldier and his musical instrument on Cephalonia during World War II, he will be talking about his latest novel set in Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon) after World War I.   This writer will also be reading from, and talking about, his latest book of poetry The Cat in the Treble Clef  – a title of great interest to our canine sleuths. 
This event will surely sell out – make sure you book your tickets on July 20th!  Deep Bark assures us that more exciting and exclusive information will follow shortly; not only about how and when to buy tickets, but also about our four fabulous events on Sunday 6 October. 

Deep Bark is contacting us again, delighted to divulge Sunday’s programme.
Our first event takes us to London in 1999 and Italy in 1944.  The writer worked for many years in the book industry and has also published many history books under the titles of ‘The Short History of…’  This is his first novel and we can’t wait to read it…he will be in conversation with our BOOKMARK Chair.
Following this, our first Patron will be in conversation with two writers whose books take us to the world of textile and embroidery.  Not a ‘how to’ session but a look at how fabric has literally and metaphorically been the basis for so much of the history of Great Britain.
The final two sessions of BOOKMARK 2019 bring our Festival to an unforgettable ending.
Deep Bark are in awe of our first writer on Sunday afternoon.  After a catastrophic injury during an equestrian event, she was left severely paralysed.  But words proved a lifeline, and this hour will prove to be an enthralling insight into that world she fell out of.  In conversation with a well-known reporter from Scotland’s news channel.
And finally…one of Scotland’s most respected folk musicians, aided by the glorious singing voice of one of our favourite actors, and a return guest to our Festival, the music and words of Lady Nairne will bring BOOKMARK to a rousing finale. 
BOOKiLeaks promises to return in the future with Deep Bark as our intrepid sleuths.  They hope that you’ve enjoyed working out who is coming.  All our invited writers and chairs will be named on this website very shortly!

See you in October!  See our details for the savings a Weekend Pass will give you!

BOOKMARK is delighted to bring two of our well-known Patrons, Magnus Linklater and Rosemary Goring, to Blairgowrie on Saturday 1st June. Expect an enthralling afternoon in which our two experts will entertain us with their views and analyses of Scotland: its past, present (and perhaps its future too).
Magnus Linklater, CBE, has had a distinguished career in journalism working for, and editing many newspapers including The Evening Standard, The Observer, The Sunday Times and The Times. Outwith journalism, Magnus has many other interests in the Arts: he has been the Chair of the Scottish Arts Council and is currently President of the Saltire Society and Horsecross Arts. He has also written extensively about Scotland’s history, including a biography of ‘Bonnie Dundee’.
Rosemary Goring, after studying History at St Andrews and working as an editor for Chambers Dictionaries, also entered the world of journalism. She has been literary editor at Scotland on Sunday and The Herald. Her love of history continues in fiction and non-fiction with two novels about the aftermath of Flodden and her eye-witness histories of Scotland.
Magnus and Rosemary are experts in looking at Scotland and giving their readers a new way of seeing it. Their discussion this afternoon will focus on the iconic work Scotland: A Concise History first written by Fitzroy Maclean and now brought up to date by Magnus Linklater 



2nd Dec 2018
After her success at BOOKMARK 2018 – renowned author Olga Wojtas returned to Blairgowrie for
BOOKMARK’s AGM  held on Friday 25 January 2019 15.00-16.30 at St Catharine’s Community Centre, Blairgowrie, PH10 6EY. Olga was part of our Muriel Spark Centenary Celebrations in October. 

14th Nov 2018
The Muriel Spark Day at the BOOKMARK Festival in Blairgowrie was a triumph yesterday.

The day began with an affectionate look back at Muriel from her friend Alan Taylor. Their friendship was full of incident and humour, uniquely portrayed. Rosemary Goring then spoke of the fiendishly difficult task of abridging Spark’s novel A Far Cry from Kensington for radio. Spark was one of the most economical and concise of writers,with no word wasted, so a tall order. The actor who delivered the radio abridgement was superb, and all went well in the end. Afterwards novelist Olga Wojtas (A Gillespie’s Girl and Committee Member of The Muriel Spark Society) then read from her hilarious book, Miss Blaine’s Prefect and The Golden Samovar. She had the hall in peals of laughter. The novel includes incidents involving a time-travelling Marcia Blaine in Morningside Library, hidden copies of Jean Brodie, and Morningside Waitrose… After a tasty lunch, inaugural Edinburgh Makar, Stewart Conn and actor Gerda Stevenson gave a lecture/presentation on Spark’s poetry, beautifully read by Stevenson; a thoughtful end to a very diverse and successful day.  Contratulations to all involved in organising it.  There was a tantalising heads up from Gail Wylie too:  Spark admirer (and Society annual lecturer in 2017) is heading to Blairgowrie next year – Ali Smith.

Taken from http://themurielsparksociety.blogspot.com/2018/10/congratulations-bookmark-festival/

BOOKMARK welcomes the crime writer Douglas Skelton to St Catharine’s Hall on Saturday 11 May at 1.30pm for two events. Douglas lives and works in Glasgow and has written extensively about that city’s ‘dark underbelly’ in eleven books of non-fiction such as Glasgow’s Black Heart and Indian Peter. His fiction includes the Davie McCall series (in which the main character is a criminal, not a detective) and Thunder Bay, his newly published (and much acclaimed) thriller and subject of his talk for us. This is a novel which is seriously difficult to stop reading once you start so make sure you have a few days free!
After our famous afternoon tea, Douglas is putting on one of his ‘You, the Jury’ events. As he says: ‘I take some real-life cases, change the names and the locations and present the basic facts and it’s up to you to decide if the verdict was guilty or innocent.’
We look forward to welcoming a large crowd – or jury – for this! 





23 September to 3 October 2019

BOOKMARK is proud to announce the opening of the Pop up Shop, 17 High Street, on Monday 23 September.  
The volunteers are there to discuss everything BOOKMARK; authors, timing, catering and, of course to sell tickets.  Tickets have been selling very well, in fact, our opening event, Ali Smith in conversation with Nicola Sturgeon is SOLD OUT – first time ever in the Blairgowrie Community Campus.  A huge thank you to everyone who bought tickets and supporting BOOKMARK.
Continuing with our ‘thank yous’.  You should also begin to note that many of the shops are participating in ‘Paint the Town Red‘.  This takes place for the two weeks prior to the BOOKMARK weekend.  So, again, a huge thank you to our local businesses for supporting BOOKMARK and our band of trusty Volunteers who help to make it happen.

BOOKMARK Book Festival







4-6 OCTOBER 2019

BOOKMARK’s seventh Book Festival promises to be one of the best yet. From its opening event with the acclaimed writer Ali Smith being chaired by one of her greatest fans, Nicola Sturgeon, to its rousing musical finale with Freeland Barbour and Gerda Stevenson the programme offers something for everyone whether they are readers, writers or listeners.
Novels of all varieties, personal observations and memoirs, history, poetry and nature writing are all part of our exciting programme. Well-known novelists, poets, nature writers and journalists (Louis de Bernières, Kathleen Jamie and Melanie Reid) are coming to Blairgowrie for the first time. Our Chairs include our Patrons Fiona Armstrong, Magnus Linklater and Ken Cox as well as Sally McNair and other well-matched interviewers.
Most importantly, BOOKMARK always encourages new talent. Household names such as Ali Smith and Louis de Bernierès were, after all, once unknown and Book Festivals are the perfect way to introduce new writers. So, we are happy to welcome the best of those – such as acclaimed new novelists Gordon Kerr and Sarah Maine (who won the Waterstones Book of the Year in 2018). Hania Allen discusses her atmospheric ‘Polish’ detective novels set in Dundee. New topics are at BOOKMARK too; Clare Hunter and Esther Rutter in a joint session will be talking about the importance of textiles throughout history. Dean Nelson, a former foreign correspondent, will explain The Indian Art of Problem Solving in a highly entertaining session – which has nothing to do with mathematics!
The Hunterian Poets, on a welcome return visit will showcase more of their work. Alan Riach will chair Bashabi Fraser, Christine de Luca, John Glenday, John Purser and Donny O’Rourke in an illustrated journey of poetry and objects from the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow.
All our events are held in the comfortable, modern venue of Blairgowrie’s Community Campus with professional sound and lighting provided by Horsecross Perth. And to feed the body as well as the mind, refreshments from teas, coffees and cakes to light lunches on Saturday and Sunday are available at the venue.
Dr Johnson said: ‘A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.’
And now we can say ‘BOOKMARK brings it to life’

Join us!

BOOKMARK Book Festival
Patrons: Fiona Armstrong, Ken Cox, Rosemary Goring, Magnus Linklater
twitter: @bookmarkblair
Facebook: Bookmark







Have you heard the latest news?  BOOKMARK has a new Blog!  If you would like an insight into all the wonderful authors who are coming to Blairgowrie in October and the books they will be discussing, please click on the link below:


Brianna looks forward to hearing from you.







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Last Saturday, 1 June, saw a capacity audience in St Catharine’s Community Centre, Blairgowrie, listening to two of BOOKMARK’s Patrons, Magnus Linklater, expertly chaired by Rosemary Goring, who were talking about Scotland’s history. The main focus was on the late Fitzroy Maclean’s important overview of Scottish history, Scotland: A Concise History, to which Magnus has written three additional chapters to bring this book right up to date.
Rosemary and Magnus, both distinguished journalists passionately interested in history, talked not only about Fitzroy Maclean’s style and choices about Scotland’s important events from the Wars of Independence onwards, but also about the difficulties of being objective. The audience were enthralled by their wide-ranging conversation, and welcomed the chance to ask many interesting questions.
Gail Wylie
















BOOKMARK would like to say a big THANK YOU to all its
Sponsors and Supporters



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