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News from Sandra Ireland - 2019 Meet the Author Event

At last news of Sandra's latest novel released on13 August by Birlinn

Sight Unseen
a Sarah Sutherland Series - Book 1

Order your copy from

Adventures in Books, Blairgowrie
Waterstones, Perth

Twitter: @22_ireland

Sarah Sutherland wanted to be an archaeologist but now she is struggling to cope with the demands of work and caring for her elderly father, who has his own secret troubles.

Her fascination with the past still remains, and she feels a special affinity with Alie Gowdie, the Kilgour Witch, who lived in Sarah’s cottage until her unjust execution for sorcery during the Civil War.

As Alie and Sarah’s stories collide, can Sarah uncover the truth in order to right a centuries old wrong? And what else might modern-day Kilgour be hiding, just out of sight?