Michaela Morgan

Michaela Morgan

Michaela writes picture books, novels, non-fiction and poetry. 

She spends some of the time living in the quiet countryside and some of the time living by the breezy seaside and an enormous amount of time daydreaming, which is where so much writing starts. She has written approximately 200 titles. Frankly, she stopped counting them some time ago… She writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry and regularly visits schools to perform and to run story writing or poetry workshops.  

A popular speaker at national and international conferences, her work includes a British Council sponsored trip to South Africa to give talks and run workshops with teachers in townships. She has also visited schools in the USA, France, Switzerland and Spain. In the UK she has spoken at: UKRA conference, Primary English conference, the University of Leicester School of Education, University of Nottingham School of Education and the Federation of Children’s Books.

She has contributed to many conferences and INSETs. She is a committee member at the Society of Authors. She is also a National Poetry Day Ambassador.

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