Sally Magnusson

Sally Magnusson

Sally Magnusson is an award-winning journalist and writer who has presented a wide range of programmes for the BBC and authored a number of books.  Her bestselling memoir about her mother, Where Memoires Go:  Why Dementia Changes Everything has been credited with improving knowledge and understanding of this widespread brain condition.  Out of that experience she founded Playlist for Life in 2013, a charity that encourages access to personalised music on iPods for people with dementia.  Her previous books include The Flying Scotsman, Family Life, Dreaming of Iceland, Life of Pee and the Horace the Haggis series of children's books.  

In BOOKMARK 2016 Sally Magnusson spoke to a capacity audience about her best selling memoir and the experience of her mother's dementia - Where Memories Go:  Why Dementia Changes Everything.

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