Tough Women Adventure Stories
Tough Women Adventure Stories by Jenny Tough (Summersdale, 2022)


Tough Women Adventure Stories edited by Jenny Tough (ISBN: 9781787833005) has a decidedly different tone: these stories inspire, astound, inform and confound. In one particular story, ‘Psiren Song’, Beth French, an open water swimmer, describes setting off to swim the Channel, from Dover’s beach, at 2.30 one morning: “I know the normal response to standing in the dark, facing 40 kilometres of dark, frigid, ferry-laden, jellyfish-strewn water wearing precious little is to back away and find a nice, warm, solid room with lights and laughter, but I felt free.” While I would have been one of those heading for the ‘warm, solid room’, these are truly amazing stories to accompany a spot of deckchair adventuring.

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