Meet the Author - Kenneth Cox

Saturday 28 July 2018

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Saturday 28 July 2018
2:00 pm
St Catharine's Community Centre
Ken Cox

Ken gave a fascinating illustrated lecture about his new book Woodland Gardening and had us all spellbound.  He explained the development of woodland gardens, a history involving well-known gardeners from the past and how the travels of previous members of his own family from Dundee to Burma and Nepal in search of exotic plants and shrubs had brought new life and colour to invigorate country parks and smaller gardens. His talk took us all over the world including beautiful gardens in Tasmania, Japan and Canada. He also reminded us of equally important gardens not only on our doorstep such as Branklyn in Perth, but many others all over the UK.   Even non-gardeners in the audience were entranced, and inspired, by Ken’s talk.   During a ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’ short session, we were able to ask Ken all sorts of gardening questions, while enjoying a delicious afternoon tea.  

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